New ROE (Record of Employment) submission process in QuickBooks Online Payroll

New ROE (Record of Employment) submission process in QuickBooks Online Payroll

The new ROE process in QuickBooks Online Payroll allows you to generate an ROE, download it as a .BLK file, and upload the file to Service Canada.

QuickBooks Payroll will guide you through ROE generation, ensuring the same level of validation as ROE Web. The benefit of having this process in QBP is that the product will help identify any issues in the form so you can correct before submitting. QuickBooks error identification is based on information provided by Service Canada.

If you wish to review and understand that information, Service Canada has a thorough block-by-block explanation of all ROE fields available here.

If an error is displayed while completing your ROE, you will need to close the ROE submission and go back into the product to fix the error. We have listed the necessary walkthroughs by ROE Block in order to guide you through error correction.

Block 4, 7 and 21

Update Business Information

Block 5

Update Federal Tax Information (CRA Payroll Number)

Block 6, 8, 9 and 10

Update Employee Details

Note: Block 6 edits can have significant impacts on Block 15C; it is advised that changes to Block 6 are discussed with your accountant.

Block 11 and 12

Update Last Day Worked and Final Pay:

To update these blocks, click Cancel at the bottom-left to exit the Review ROE screen. Navigate to the Employment section under the terminated employee’s profile and make the necessary updates.

Visit this link for instructions on each block.

Block 15 A, B and C

Review and Update Insurable Earnings

Block 16

Update employee details

Note: The first and last name, area code, and phone number must all be present. The first name must be 20 characters or less and the last name must be 28 characters or less.

Block 17 and 19

Update Other Payments (Separation Pay/Sick Leave/Paternity Leave, etc.)

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