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Preparing a tax return for your place of business can be a complex and confusing issue, and mistakes that are made can lead to a long and painful experience with Canada Revenue Agency.

We are here to make sure that doesn’t happen with organized tax preparation services from a team of highly trained individuals who genuinely care for you and your corporate tax situation.

We work thoroughly and diligently from start to finish—ensuring your taxes are done correctly and the burden of a tax return is lifted off your shoulders.

Canada’s prosperity has, to a large extent, been driven by the strength of the entrepreneurial spirit that has developed and flourished among businesses large and small. But whether a business’ objective is focused on growth, succession planning, wealth preservation or to more fully capitalize or finance the business, the need for an objective perspective has always been key to that success.

Entrepreneurs know that the requirement to maintain accurate and complete financial records and to understand the resultant financial position is critical to achieve their goals. Our knowledge and experience earned over decades of providing audit, accounting and tax advice to business owners along with our meaningful attention to the management of risk, give us a unique understanding of the issues facing today’s entrepreneur.

We are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of entrepreneurs and their growing businesses.

Our entrepreneurial business services are focused on privately-held and owner managed companies wanting cost effective, innovative and flexible solutions for all of their financial needs.


  • Cash-flow Analysis
  • Personal Financial Planning
  • Bookkeeping Assistance
  • Accounting System Reviews
  • Succession Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Cost and Financial Analysis
  • Bookkeeping
  • Capital Asset Acquisitions & Dispositions

  • Budget Development and Analysis
  • Tax Planning and Compliance
  • Forecasts and Projections
  • Investments
  • Exit Strategies

  • International Business
  • Financial Statement Preparation
  • Advisory Services
  • Margins
  • Ratios
  • Debt to Equity Ratio
  • Cost Calculators
  • Engagement Letter
  • Notice to Reader
  • Corporate Tax

Corporate Accounting Services

Corporate Income Tax Return (T2) – $1500

When you’re facing a changing global economy, it’s important to have someone next to you who will help navigate through the evolving accounting standards and changing regulatory environment. We can guide you through the uncertainties of change and risk

The pressures and responsibilities of financial reporting and corporate governance for both private and public companies in Canada has reached unprecedented levels with new standards becoming more complex. This includes the introduction of internationally accepted standards of accounting, which are intended to improve the comparability and transparency of financial information for both shareholders and regulators. For Canadian companies, new standards mean enhanced access to international capital, funding and investment opportunities.

  • Includes: Detailed Comparative Financial Statements, Notice to Reader, Engagement Letter, Corporate Tax Return (T2)
  • Shareholder Personal Income Tax – Included (no extra charge)
  • Tax Planning – Included (no extra charge)
  • E-file – Included (no extra charge)
  • Business Strategies, Margins, Ratios, Cash flow Reports & More

Corporate Accounting Services

NIL/Inactive Corporate Income Tax Returns – from $385

  • Basic Corporate Tax Return (T2)
  • E-file – Included (no extra charge)

Corporate Accounting Services

Complete Small Business Accounting & Bookkeeping Package – from $1800

Pay yourself out of your business. Use a vehicle for work. Setup a home office. These are just a few of the things that can be incorporated into a tax plan to optimize the way you pay taxes on your business. Check out our tax planning services to see how we can build you a customized tax plan at an affordable price.

Business taxes can be intimidating; 65% of small business owners say taxes are their biggest concern. Stop losing sleep over taxes. Let us take care of them for you. We’re the experts. Put your mind at ease and focus on growing your business by letting a tax professional take over.

  • Offer valid for incorporated businesses with under $100k in annual revenue
  • Includes: Monthly Bookkeeping provided (Estimated at 1 hour per month) – (Regular Value: starts at $1800)
  • Includes: Detailed Comparative Financial Statements, Notice to Reader, Engagement Letter, Corporate Tax Return (T2) – (Regular Value: $1500)
  • Shareholder Personal Income Tax – Included (no extra charge)
  • Tax Planning – Included (no extra charge)
  • E-file – Included (no extra charge)
  • Business Strategies, Margins, Ratios, Cash flow Reports & More

Advisory Services

Corporate Advisor Services – Contact for quote


Organizations and companies today create and store vast amounts of data, that often is underutilized. We can help turn that data into insight that will assist you to make more informed and strategic decisions, which in turn can increase shareholder value.

Our comprehensive advisory and data solution services help organizations in a wide range of industries identify and monitor key performance indicators, uncover new opportunities, increase profits and enhance their business. Our strategies incorporate proven methodologies and years of relevant experience.

How advisory and data solutions can help your organization:

  • Interpret your data to provide strategic business insight
  • Tailor the monitoring and reporting of key performance indicators
  • Create cost efficiencies in key business processes (ordering, shipping, manufacturing etc.)
  • Visualize trends to help predict future outcomes
  • Improve the reliability of cash flow forecasts and budgets
  • Enhance shareholder value

A well-structured data environment will allow you to successfully guide your organization in the direction you want.

A secret weapon for small businesses

Utilizing analytics in key areas will ensure your business runs more smoothly and can also prevent problems from arising. Examples of how data solutions might be useful to your business:

  • Avoiding duplicate payments – Long work hours can increase the chance of entering an invoice twice, and finding duplicate payments allows you to recoup funds and helps with short-term cash flow.
  • Vendor master file review – Startups are often bombarded with new vendors and don’t always have time to gather all the vendor information required prior to paying an invoice. This can lead to duplicate vendor records, resulting in duplicate payments or even fraudulent use in the future. Identifying data quality issues in the vendor master file will save time and reduce potential costs (say tax assessments/penalties).
  • Inventory analysis – Tracking inventory levels is key to reducing carrying costs and ensuring the business has the right amount of inventory on hand. Conducting inventory analytics will help identify obsolete products and those with a slow turnover rate, as well as improve ordering efficiency.
  • Payroll analytics – Ensure deductions such as benefits, CPP and EI are calculated correctly, taxes are captured accurately and all pertinent information is stored.

With proven methodologies and expertise, discover how our data solution services can boost your business.

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